Latest Post – New Years Advice
As you anticipate the arrival of a new year, many of you will be setting new goals and challenges for the New Year. Yet at the same time you may feel disappoint or discouragement regarding various aspects of your training and life journey this last year. Remember that success is found not only in your achievements, but also in the journey itself. A very good friend of mine resigned from his position, sold his home, and moved his family in order to pursue the dream of getting a Ph.D. and pursuing a career in teaching. Yet those sacrifices seemed to dissolve into nothing after a few short months as family needs materialized that he could not have foreseen. His inability to continue was not due to lack of trying. It was not due to lack of determination. The path he began had simply come to an end. This was an extremely difficult time for him because he wondered if he had selfishly imposed his own desires on his family, if he had misunderstood the course he was supposed to pursue, … But in the end he came to realize that in life we are presented with many roads and not all of them are through streets. Some are dead ends. It is sometimes important merely that we have traveled those roads because in the process we become different people (with more insight, maturity, wisdom, etc.) and our lives impact others on that path in the same way. We are destined to face the paths that lie ahead of us. But some of obstacles we will surmount, others we will avoid and travel around, others are impenetrable and show us a need to change direction. You must think of the strength of water. Water can both wear away obstacles by relentlessly crashing against them again and again. Other times it wisely bypasses and surrounds the barriers that present themselves in order to gain its objective. Do not become fixated on your obstacles, focus on the strengths you have at your disposal to overcome them. Be both as persistent and as unyielding as water and this New Year will become one that you can be proud of.

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Hwa Rang Do® Meng Sae
Students reciting the Hwa Rang Do code of ethics which is composed of five rules and nine philosophical principles. Hwa Rang Do teaches moral principles in addition to physical techniques, out of a belief that those who receive martial arts training must also be taught to use their skills responsibly.
Belt Rank Curriculum
Each belt rank in Hwa Rang Do® and Tae Soo Do® consists of various techniques and forms to help students understand how to effectively use their training in real life situations.
Board and Block Breaking
While breaking boards and blocks may look cool, it also has practical application. This helps students learn to deliver punches and kicks with power so that they are effective.
Weapons Forms
The extended Hwa Rang Do® curriculim consists of one hundred eight different weapons while Tae Soo Do® has three. In Tae Soo Do® and the first nine sashes of Hwa Rang Do® students will learn a nunchuck form, a staff form, and a sword form.